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Time to say goodbye Time to say goodbye

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You might want to add some reverb and release on some of your instruments. In real life instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, etc.) always have some sort of release, they don't cut off immediately. They also typically perform in Concert halls, where the vibrations from the instruments will travel farther and last longer. If you add these effects, chances are that your pieces will sound even more cinematic. :)

P.S Don't be afraid to bring out those low pitches. The Cello and Bass and add even more richness and emotion to your mixes. Even Brass too! Movies tend to feature these instruments too.

TrickshotCat12 responds:

Release i've tried, it's hard to get right without fucking ones ears up, since lots of notes = release earrape. I can add reverb to the last part, but before that i can't it's has enough reverb and i think it would just destroy the mix entirely haha :D

But i'll try adding more bass, although i don't know if i want it in this track, i want it to be as pure and clean as possible. It's for a game i'm working on.

Thanks! I'll try out your advice :)

Let's Go! (Original Mix) Let's Go! (Original Mix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Try doing some EQing on the individual Tracks to prevent sounds from fighting over the spotlight. This is especially important when considering what is the thing that you want the listeners to hear the most. The mid ranges can be susceptible especially because many instruments will share that range. Also make sure you cut out unnecessary ranges for instruments which are not meant to play those pitches. (i.e Low-pass a bass type track, because you won't need the higher frequencies that I can produce because a lead will do that for you.)

HyprdrivE responds:

Ok, thanks for the feedback!

M.O.P. - Lightning M.O.P. - Lightning

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Prog. House? If so, sounds amazing. I'm going to rate 5 because they don't have halves. Only complaint is that the (Sub) Bass is a bit much (at the beginning), but that's just my opinion. Kinda loses the whole drop momentum thing... for me it just seems like there wasn't much of a build because most of the drop elements were already there before the drop.

2:30 Was a nice. I liked that. The drop after that seems bigger simply because more elements are introduced in the 2nd drop, even though it's practically the same as the first.

Aside from that, sometimes it feels like too many things are fighting each other to be heard. Esp. in the beginning, when the noise comes in, instead of building on the sound, it seems to drown out some of the chords. My best guess is there is a lot of things going on at once, and there's just a limiter on the Master so it doesn't clip. Maybe try some EQing for the extreme ends? (You know, like High-pass filtering the Leads, and Low-pass filtering the lows and such.)

Or it may just be my ears, and I have no idea what I'm talking about. Sounds Amazing though!

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MOProduction responds:

wow thank you. We did not expect someone to make a comment that was so helpful. There is a lot of good advice right there. Thank you! There is actually limiter, EQ, sausage fattener and a plugin in fl studio called maximus but i guess non of is really good at mastering.

Tune Machine - The Lantern Tune Machine - The Lantern

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sounds very cinematic to me. My only critique is that the strings could have a little more reverb to it; the current sounds (just the staccato ones) makes it appear as if there are individual instruments playing versus an entire orchestra (The Sustained and Unison notes are fine). I'm a violinist, so I can't tell if the lower strings have the same issues.

Also, if there was supposed to be a Cello solo, I'd bring that out more. It really is beautiful.

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Zophar - The Hills 3 Zophar - The Hills 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a nice piece. I like your use of the Reverb heavy Raindrop sounding synth.

This next part are just my opinions. Feel free to disregard if you disagree!

My biggest suggestion would just be balancing. The Bass is barely audible, the percussion is present, but the thing heard the most is melodic elements. (Which by itself can be repetitive.)

As for how, you might want to take a look at you dB levels when mixing, that might help you balance them out easier. Try to have your main elements be slightly above your background elements, you want everything to be present, but you want to be sure on what is most heard. Effects like Compression, Limiting, and EQ can help on that.

Perhaps you could add some chord progressions in the midsection (maybe around the 400hz section) so it doesn't sound as empty?

LunacyOfficial responds:

Well you see I wanted it to sound like my previous version, The Hills 2. I made it a long time ago.

Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty darn good. I like it.

As for genre... it's actually not that fast. I'm going to guess that your BPM is around 140 which is normal for genres like Dubstep. So it's around the normal tempo for most genres. I think its that you're just suited to making chill music :)

As for Fast stuff, Hardcore is anything from like 160BPM to 200+BPM. That stuff is REAAALLLLYY fast.

Usually songs that go really fast either do what you did, which was gradually fade, or they just go out with a bang. So its fine either way.

Nice Job!

phoenixapprentice responds:

I know it's not nearly as fast as songs in the genre ... I do usually hang out in the 100-120 BPM zone. I don't know how anyone could make a song that's 160+ bpm O_O
Thank you!

Panda Eyes and Teminite - Highscore (DJ-Dawphin Remix) Panda Eyes and Teminite - Highscore (DJ-Dawphin Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a nice take on the original. Very well put together.

It seems a bit bare in the mid section though (like the around the 500hz). Your Bass and Melody is perfectly done, but it seems a bit empty in the background.

Perhaps adding some detuned Pads or something to fill them in? White noise is also important, it adds atmosphere. (You don't need to add anything big, most pads are barely audible anyways, there just there to take up space.)

Anyways, just my opinions. (They're probably more easier said than done cuz I'm a noob at making music too.) Still, job well done!

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Thanks for the review!

Xytonius - Another Theory Xytonius - Another Theory

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think overall it is a well structured mix and the music fits well together.

However, you might want to consider what you want the audience to hear the most, (i.e the piano at some places, it gets buried, or your "wubs".)

The piano itself when recorded is most likely a one-shot, so it'll probably be pretty dry. You might want to add some Reverb to it so it'll sound more acoustic, I guess. (You know the effect that makes it sound like the piano is being played in a Music hall instead of a closet.)

As for mixing, maybe try adding some compression or limiting? Maybe even some eq to balance some things out. The percussion is well heard throughout, but sometimes the kick is so strong it blocks out some of your melodic elements.

Anyways, these are just my opinions. Well done! It's a good piece.

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Free Free

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice! Fits the Genre.

May I ask how you use both of the DAWs to make this? (i.e you make something in one and transfer it to the other?) And, are all these VSTs Free?

LexaHergon responds:

Glad you like it Sdra3g.
When I make rock tracks. I do my drums, basses and synths on FL, then export as separate audio tracks. Then use I Acid to load those tracks into a project. I record and edit the electric guitars there, I mix them all and do the mastering simulation on Acid too.

AmpliTube (cabinet simulator) and Ozone (mastering simulator) are not freeware :(
A friend of mine who switched from PC to MAC gave them to me.
There is free version of AmpliTube on the web, but have never tried it. For mastering the FL template works very good, I prefer Ozone because it's a bit easier to use.

Avalanche Sunrise Avalanche Sunrise

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed. What DAW did you use?

Pryzmalynk responds:

Glad you enjoyed! :D I use the program "GarageBand" to make my music.